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Choosing the wedding photographer for your ‘big day’ is no easy task. Type ‘wedding

photographer’ into Google and you’ll see the choice is endless, but if you take on board a

few of my pointers below, you’ll find that you can be far more effective in your decision


1 – Don’t get too hung up on location
All too often people arrange a venue for their wedding and then think that the photographer

has to be a local to the area, but today this isn’t the case. I’m based in Cheshire, and

while it would be great to get local work, I understand the need to travel. My work takes me

all across the UK, so don’t limit your search to photographers within a five-mile radius.
2 – Make sure you know a bit about the photographer
Essentially, the visual memories of your wedding day are in the hands of your photographer,

and so you need to be fairly sure that you know a bit about him or her. A good way of doing

this is by going on to their website (they should have one) and reading their ‘about me’

page or ‘reviews’ page. On my ‘About me’ page I wrote about my hobbies and how my father was

also a photographer. I wanted to be open with readers and earn their trust – that’s

important when you come to choose your photographer.

3 – Decide on a theme or style for your shoot
All photographers will specialise in different styles, some may prefer contemporary while

others more traditional, and it’s important for you to decide a format for your pictures. I

prefer to shoot stylish, contemporary weddings, and you’ll normally be able to get an idea

of where a photographer’s speciality lies from their website gallery.

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